Bristol Harbour Greystone
Ravenwood Mill Creek

Here's your invitation.

Come explore the world famous Finger Lakes region, and enjoy four of the most challenging golf courses available to the public. Bristol Harbour, Greystone, Ravenwood and Mill Creek—each course delivers a truly unique, memorable experience. Play them all for the immersion of a lifetime.

Golfing doesn't get much better than this.


Golf trips aren't always easy, especially when you're arranging a tour of multiple courses. Take some of the load off with our convenient packages! After all, you're here to play. Call us toll-free: 1-866-969-3548 and let our staff help with the rest.

Standard Package
Three 18-hole rounds of golf at the courses of your choice. Cost includes carts, range, and two-night accommodations at the hotel of your choice.* Starting as low as $245 per person!
* Hotel rates based on double occupancy.
Fabulous Finger Lakes Foursome
Don't make yourself choose—get this package, and play one round at each participating course! More info... [PDF]
Custom Packages
If none of the existing packages fit you just right, then feel free to call us and make your own. Pick the number of rounds you want to play—including replay rounds, or two rounds in one day at different facilities. Stay for one night...or as many as you like! Carts & range included in cost.